What Are We, Really?


Why is it that our ancestors were as obsessed with life after death as we are obsessed with finding success in this life?  Why is it that you cannot perceive reality from any one of the billions of cells that make up your body?  Why is it that you are in total control of this body from the position of an observer?  Meaning that you are aware of each aspect of your body without being that aspect.  You have thoughts, feelings, and whatever you experience through the five sense, but you aren’t any of those things.  NASA employed physicist Tom Campbell says this:  We are units of consciousness/souls who broke off from source to experience this physical reality in order for us to experience, learn and grow back into that unified consciousness, which sounds to me like the epitome of human evolution.  According to Tom, this life is an illusion, or virtual reality, with its own rules (gravity, etc.), the same way we would find a set of rules in any video game.  And much like a game we can enter our bodies, or avatars, to experience.  You are not part of the game but control it from outside.  In the same way, your consciousness is not derived of this physical reality, but is beyond it.  So it is sad to see people who only believe in this reality, especially when we enter other realms each night, where rules like time and gravity don’t exist.  But the point of this wisdom is not to convert the atheists or religious, or to say that life is a joke.   But to plant an understanding that there is something beyond this reality.  Something that we are part of, that we came from, and that we will go back to when this temporary experience is over.


The Real Revolution


All those ancient texts describing the return of some God or another are actually metaphors for the shift in consciousness that will usher hunanity into a new era of peace.  Some call it Christ or Krishna consciousness.  You see, there were certain steps that were taken to get us into the mess we’re in today, and there will be certain steps necessary to regain our freedom.  But it all begins with the mind and heart – within.  It is our belief in these systems and our disbelief in anything better that keeps us enslaved.  So there’s got to be a change that takes place within before anything meaningful will happen.  A change of values.  A shift in perspective, which we can all feel, which has been predestined by sacred texts the world over, and which is being pushed by the unity of science  and spirituality.  The shift is one from profit motive to passion pursuits, from growth to sustainability, from external seeking to inner peace, from ignorance to wisdom, from self doubt to self expression, from fear to love and most importantly, from separation to unity.  As the individual mind shifts into a more balanced, down to Earth state, so shall the collective consciousness, and so will the paradigm and systems that govern our lives.
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Humanity’s Collective Suicide


Few people know that rising temperatures caused a sharp spike in wheat prices across  the Middle East, sparking wide unrest that eventually  became the Arab Spring.
Climate change has been causing extreme weather across the planet, and it directly affects our history.  Bagladesh is sinking, and their neighbors in India are building a wall to keep out refugess.  Approach it, get shot.  No humanity in this system.  The depleting of fossil fuels is like an act of collective suicide for the entire human race, so even if the Earth doesn’t destroy us we will inevitably destroy ourselves in the battle for her dwindling resources.  Yet we continue to show up to work and school, instead of coming outside and forming a collective, an alternative system that puts the people and the planet before profits.  We continue to fight each other  and pollute our mother to obtain energy sources we don’t even need in the first place.  All it takes is one extreme weather event to change everything, to bring us back to barbarism, a free for all of survival, or an even tighter police state.  Not a future i want to bet on.  We can and we must reverse the affects of our civilization before its too late.